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Providing OUTERWEAR to retailers since 1941.

From the beginnings in a loft in downtown Boston, Mass., Fidelity Sportswear has been manufacturing outerwear garments in The United States since 1941..

About Fidelity Sportswear

Fidelity pioneered the concept of a quality garment at a value price. Fidelity currently continues this tradition of keeping our prices low. All savings are passed on to our customers enabling us to offer the best values available in quality outerwear. Coupled with the best value in the industry, is our on time delivery record.

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Fidelity Sportswear EZ Advantages

FidEZ Order

1. Enter order to any location
a. Your Store
b. Your branch store
c. Your customer (drop ship)

2. View estimated delivery time for your order
This will enable you to better control your shipment costs and insure the package will arrive on your customer requested delivery date.

3. Select specific shipping method

4. UPS system validates address to reduce address entry problems 

5. Enter only styles, colors, and sizes that are available

6. Enter special comments referring to an order. Example: Deliver on back porch-Signature required

7. Reduce calls to you by sending email advise with a tracking number to your customer. This advice will show you (current billing name) as the shipper, service provided, estimated delivery date, and the tracking number.

FidEZ Inquiry 

1. Review status of order
a. Pending
b. Entered
c. In Process with estimated delivery date
d. Shipped

2. Track orders shipped via UPS

3. Access orders by entering any of the following items:
a. Your Purchase order
b. Date of Order-either specific date or range of dates
c. Customer Name
d. Zip code of recipient
e. Order status
f. Fidelity Invoice number

4. View a specific invoice for shipping details:
a. Full address of customer
b. Date shipped
c. Your PO Number
d. Specific style-color-size of order shipped

5. Following customer's questions can be answered 24/7 on line
a. Date of shipment
b. Estimated arrival date via UPS tracking number
c. Verify where the package was sent (address question)